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Hosta Leaf

Gingko Leaf

Fig Leaf Photo

Maple Leaf Photo

Oak Leaf

Fern Leaf

Patterns - Textured or Solid, Transparent or Opaque, Stencilled or Hand Painted

Custom colored to match your decor!      Using varied Sheens adds Flair!

Large Platinum Gingko Leaves

with a Geometric Floor Pattern (left).

Dreamy Pearl Patterned

Master Bedroom Walls (below)

Pearl Pattern Stenciled

 Retro Back Splash Designed by L Newman Associates NH                                                                   Retro Back Splash Retro Back Splash


Ombre Variation in Yellow and Gray



                      Stunning Master Bath with Painted Harlequins.

                      Master Bath above and Master Bedroom below designed by Certified Interiors

Hand Painted Henna Pattern for a Pool House Ceiling

      Varied Stripes (above)

Stencilled Wall pattern in Reds (below)                   Painted Floor Pattern (below)

                          Painted Floor



The same pattern in

opposite color combinations.           

Great for a teen's bathroom.

Designed by L Newman Associates

The options are endless!



Rubbed to look aged and

keeping the pattern vertical

Looks like aged silk

Technique-rough dragging


Some patterns get inspired when working on a different project. 

On the left is the taping to paint the image on the right.

I love the image the tape created and can't wait to paint this beautiful pattern. 

Prepping to paint the floor.

Foyer entry way floor


Variations on a handpainted vine.

Above with Hydrangea stencil.

Left with Daisy stencil.

Right with Berries.


Varied paint sheens allow the

pattern to sparkle from different


Vines are simple to paint

and beautiful.

Harlequins above,

Pineapples left, or

Air Brushed Pattern right.

All Exciting!

Both designed by L Newman Associates







Varied Stripes for a contemporary look.

Designed by MJ Berries Design MA



Anything is possible!