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Painted Furniture    Update your well built antiques for a contemporary look

After 37 years my Family's Dining table needed resurfacing. I used transparent glazes to create this beautiful Geometric Pattern which changes when Leaves are added to expand the table.

Planning this was fun and challenging.                   I loved Spirograph when I was a kid!

My goal was for the pattern to be transparent allowing the Maple wood grain to show through. The subtle colors soften the pattern adding to it's magic.

The table is expanded with 1 leaf in, going from a circle to an oval table and seating for 6.

The same table with 2 leaves in and seating for 8 is possible.

A scratched Coffee Table top is sanded down to wood and then decorated with Transparent glazes of Color for a different Geometric Pattern.

These are fun to do and the pattern options are endless.





A Crow Border enhances this Dining Room Corner Cabinet




Ceiling Medallion antiqued with Gold paint that is mixed to match the Chandelier's Gold. Left


Scuffing just the corners gives these Black

Kitchen Cabinets a nice highlight.







Layers of Color antiqued on this Kitchen Island bring a rustic look to a brand new kitchen.

An antique desk painted with bright colors and

a check pattern creates a fun make-up vanity

       Kitchen Cabinets painted with Audubon like Flower images on a checkered background. A better picture is needed to see how beautiful this is. Above