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Hosta Leaf

Gingko Leaf

Fig Leaf Photo

Maple Leaf Photo

Oak Leaf

Fern Leaf

Painted Furniture including Kitchen Cabinets

This Landscape Mural brings cohesion to this Open Concept space using transparent wall colors allowing the beautiful cabinet wood grain to show through.

Landscape Mural

Landscape Mural       House Portrait

Details include a House Portrait over the Kitchen Sink per request of the Home Owner.

Watercolor Design Plans are created for client approval. Then Samples are painted on the back of Cabinet doors to test out paint colors before any final painting takes place.

Plan for Mural

NH Mountain Ride Mural Design

I suggested a variation of the design for the back side of the cabinets in the Dining Room. The clients are Harley riders and love our NH Mountains. I do too and enjoyed painting this mural! Note Mount Washington on the left and the bikers heading towards it, in the central panel.

NH Mountain Ride Mural

Update your well built antiques... for a contemporary look.

After 37 years as the Family Dining table resurfacing was needed. I used transparent glazes to create this beautiful Geometric Pattern which changes when Leaves are added to expand the table.

Planning this was fun and challenging.                   I loved Spirograph when I was a kid!

My goal was a transparent pattern allowing the Maple wood grain to show through. Subtle colors keep it soft and magical.

The table is expanded with 1 leaf in, going from a circle to an oval table and seating for 6.

The same table with 2 leaves in and seating for 8 is possible.

Audubon like Painted Cabinets

Special Highlights for one section of Kitchen Cabinets to bring contrast to a large kitchen.

Flowers painted in Audubon-like style, with Latin names and a Checkered Background. Designed by L Newman Associates

Black Eyed Susan, Thistle

Pansy, Gerbera Daisy

Iris, Poppy


Harlequin Cabinets

Corner Highlight on Black Cabinets

Decorative Highlights on Kitchen Cabinets brings interest.

                                                                                                             A scratched Coffee Table top is sanded down to wood and then decorated with Transparent glazes of Color for a layered Geometric Pattern.

These are fun to do and the pattern options are endless.

Painted Coffee Table

Drop Leaf Table 2018

Drop Leaf Table Opened Up





A Crow Border enhances this Dining Room Corner Cabinet

Design by L Newman Associates




Ceiling Medallion antiqued with Gold paint that is mixed to match the Chandelier's Gold. Left







Layers of Color antiqued on this Kitchen Island bring a rustic look to a brand new kitchen.

Designed by LKM Design NH

An antique desk painted with bright colors and

a check pattern creates a fun make-up vanity