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  Murals   Primitive, Graphic, or Ancient                                                                                      

   Full color or Monochromatic...What fits your style?






 Primitive Landscape Mural painted up a large  staircase wall. The buildings include the home of the client, their parent's home, and even the local Buffalo Farm in the upper right corner .









 Trees painted with Pearl Paint give shimmer to

a long Mill Building hallway. Trees were painted

without leaves to mimic the rug pattern.

 New York City Skyline painted on 2 canvases for installation shown below.

Painted to look like the viewer is looking out the window at the skyline.

Wood trim faux painted around each canvas to match the actual trim of center window. (Below)

 Ancient ruins decorate this luxurious bath area (above)

 and behind the toilet (below).

 A primitive mural covers the walls of a small foyer. Done in the North Conway area,

 the scenes depict local landscapes including the North Conway Train Station,

 The Old Man on the Mountain, Mount Washington, etc. (Above right and Below)

   Soft and muted Farm Animals for this Nursery  Above

   Bright and bold color for this Primitive Mural in a Colonial Wood Trim Showroom Below