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Painted Floors whether you completely cover your wood floor or leave some wood exposed for a multi-dimensional look, painted floors are magnificent!

Greek Key Border (above left) with the Wood Floor border framing the space.

 Simply Created

Beautiful Effect  (Above right)

Add a Flower to the Intersections for            more interest.   

Connect areas by lining up the patterns       along  the threshold.                                                 




Stripes of Various Widths  and Colors (left)


 An Amazing Pattern (right)





Striped like a beach towel (left)

A 3-D look for an Art Collector's Kitchen Floor.


Geometric Patterns in subtle colors for a stunning entryway




Mimicing Tile Pattern on

Wood Floor (right)




Border Pattern based on Italian Pottery (left)



Combining Wood Floor, Solid Checks, and Gold Leaf Bullet (right)




Based on Artist's Cut-Paper Painting for an original Design (left)